Pest birds can cause considerable damage to commercial and residential property.

Firstly, they are hugely disturbing. Their birdsong will irritate your family during the early hours of the morning and disrupt the productivity of your workforce. Next, where there are birds, there are droppings. This not only looks unsightly but, over time, can begin to erode the bricks and window frames on your property. In the worst cases, bird droppings carry diseases that humans can ingest, resulting in serious illness.

Other physical damage caused by birds includes cracked roof tiles, damaged solar panels, and destroyed gardens.

Free, Effective Measures

Birds nesting on your property can seriously damage the reputation of your business. But, as with many facilities management issues, prevention is always better than the cure. Birds are drawn to areas with warm, sheltered nesting spots and a plentiful food supply.

Therefore, ensuring waste is disposed of properly and the area is free from litter will prevent birds from being drawn to your property in the first place.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are small metal spikes that can be fixed to any surface, such as roofs, guttering or evening signposts. They prevent birds from being able to land on your property in an entirely humane way.

Working with professionals to fit bird spikes around your commercial property eliminates the possibility of birds nesting on your building.


For schools, nurseries or businesses with outside seating areas, bird meshing may likely be the best option. Here, a discreet, retractable meshing is placed over any outdoor seating areas, removing the access to a plentiful food supply for pest birds.

Work With the Professionals

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