Nursery and school are often the most important places in our children’s lives. It’s where they make friends, learn, and grow.

Here are our top five things to consider before embarking on a school or nursery renovation, guaranteed to keep your pupils, parents and even OFSTED happy.

Health and Wellbeing

Of course, the safety of your pupils, staff and parents is of paramount importance. And therefore, building a space that is safe for little ones to explore is critical.

Safety features will include elements such as widow restrictors, fire extinguishers and electrical testing.

Hygienic, Accessible Facilities

As we all know, kids get messy! Therefore, excellent quality toilets and washrooms are non-negotiable for your nursery renovation.

Also, ensuring these facilities are accessible to all should be a priority. Those with limited mobility should be able to use the changing facilities and toilets along with anyone else.

Accessibility should also run through to a functional kitchen space, which we all know is the centre of any fabulous nursery.

Plenty of Storage

Items thrown everywhere can quickly take away from the shine of your fantastic nursery. Therefore, creating great-looking yet functional storage is essential for a complete, rounded space.

Storage boxes that allow for personalization are an excellent touch, encouraging children to take ownership of their belongings.

Focus on Outside

A great outside space is fantastic for young children. They need room to run and burn off all of that pent up energy.

Additionally, an inviting, exciting outside space sets the right tone for parents and guardians visiting.

Remember, Have Fun!

Nurseries should be a fun, exciting place for children to learn, explore, and make friends.

Bland walls and unimaginative accessories will not inspire the minds of the next generation. Instead, allow the creativity to flow, and don’t be afraid to embrace bright colours and fun textures. This will excite the children, encouraging playfulness and learning.

How Pentium Can Help

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