Solar panels are a significant investment for any home or business. So here’s exactly how to protect them from pest birds, increasing the lifespan of your investment and enabling the most environmentally friendly solution.

Why Choose Solar?

Solar panels convert energy from sunlight into electricity. You will undoubtedly have seen them on many homes, commercial buildings and even vans.

It is reported that the average home with solar panels manages to harvest over 60% of their annual energy from this sustainable source, seriously reducing their reliance on expensive energy companies.

What Damage Do Bird Cause?

However, birds can cause a whole host of issues to your solar panels. They nest between the panel and the roof, which provides the perfect shelter from predators and the elements.

First, birds will physically damage the panels by pecking and scratching, reducing the overall effectiveness of this solar source. Moreover, the debris used to build the nest can be hugely damaging to the roof itself.

Where there are pest birds, there are droppings. Known as guano, bird droppings not only looks unsightly but is known to carry many diseases.

How to Protect Your Solar Panels

First, you must ensure the surrounding area is spotless. Meaning it is free from any twigs, leaves or general waste. Pest birds rely on this to build their nests, and without easy access, they will be forced to make a home elsewhere.

The solar panels themselves should be cleaned regularly, which will make them far less attractive to pigeons and gulls. A regular hose should be sufficient, but where you opt for a deeper scrub, be sure to avoid using abrasive soaps and sponges, which can damage the devices.

Where the area is spotlessly clean, but the bird issue persists, you may choose to invest in a preventative bird solution. This may involve bird spikes, netting or even hawking, ensuring the pests will not return and inflict further damage on your investment.

How Pentium Can Help

Pentium provides flexible solutions for your business needs. We cater to a range of issues and specialise in increasing the lifespan of your solar panels.

For any queries relating to solar panel cleaning, energy production analysis, or the replacement of faulty solar panels, contact our team today on 01293 804 708.