With the UK starting to lift restrictions and a promise that we will soon be back to some semblance of normality, many business owners are now on their way back to their business premises. If you have been working from home for an extended period, now is the time to run through this building maintenance checklist and fix up minor issues before they turn into mountains. 

Whether your business premises is a store, an office, or a factory, some maintenance measures remain universal. Work your way through this building maintenance checklist and be ready to open your doors again to staff and customers.

Exterior – grounds maintenance

Check pathways for damage, unwanted plants, and debris.

Examine any trees and hedges in case they need cut back.

Clear your underground drainage systems by removing debris and/or plants from around your drains.

Check all signage is undamaged and clean.

Remove all plants and weeds that obscure your brickwork (they can hide issues) and obstruct your pathways.


Exterior – buildings maintenance

Check the roof for signs of damage from the outside such as missing tiles, visible deterioration, moss deposits or pooling water on a flat roof. 

Check all chimneys are still intact and have no visible signs of damage.

Confirm any lightning conductors, satellite dishes or other roof attachments still appear firmly secured.

Check all external brickwork for cracks (subsidence), mould, and visible damp. 

Check all gutters are intact and manually check for blockages to reduce the risk of damp damage.

Check all windows are undamaged and appear to be in good condition.

Interior – buildings maintenance

Check all internal walls, door, and windows for signs of damage or wear.

Check bathrooms and pipes for leaks.

Check inside your roof for any damage or issues you may have missed externally, including pests.

Check doors and windows are firmly hinged and have no visible wear and tear as they are opened and closed.

Check all lights and electronics successfully turn on, including security lights and equipment.

Check safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems are fully functional.

Interior – business maintenance

Check computer systems and internet connections are fully functioning.

Check any machinery is not only working but has passed safety checks before use.

Check phone systems are online.

Have a reminder session to run your staff through health and safety if they haven’t been working on the premises for an extended period.

To download this list as a PDF, click here.

The results of your building maintenance checklist

Work through any issues you have found as quickly and efficiently as possible to get your business back up to code. If you unearthed issues that are out of your skillset, or you aren’t confident you can spot potential issues, our expert team will be happy to assist you.

Why Pentium?

At Pentium, we provide more than just facilities management, priding ourselves on a breadth of services that also include decorating, glazing and electrical services amongst others. Across the board, we pride ourselves on offering every service with a level of excellence that is unparalleled. Our staff are expertly trained and yet we can offer our services at a highly competitive price due to all equipment and skills being in-house.

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