Our plumbing systems are generally at the forefront of our minds when we are considering home maintenance. However, commercial drains are often left to fester for long periods, which can cause significant issues for your company and staff.

Here’s how to care for the drains in your commercial property.

Create A Drain Friendly Culture

Whilst it might sound straightforward, creating a drain friendly culture is the best way to prevent issues occurring.

For example, providing compost bins in the kitchen will prevent staff from flushing items such as coffee granules and food debris. Whilst these might seem insignificant, they will build up over time causing substantial problems.

Feminine hygiene products and flushable wipes are the main culprits in bathroom drains. Ensuring there is sufficient waste disposal will encourage staff not to flush. Where your toilets are open to the public, you should also make sure there is somewhere to dispose of nappies hygienically.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance such as drain jetting, inspections, and relining will significantly reduce the chances of huge problems occurring.

It can be worthwhile to schedule this on an annual basis, meaning you can rest assured that your business premises are in top condition.

Consider Your Surroundings

The type of business and location of your premises will hugely affect the ongoing maintenance required.

First, it’s essential to learn where the boundary of your responsibility lies. For example, in office blocks, the drains often fall within the remit of the building owner rather than individual companies. Whereas for independent buildings, your responsibility will generally run until the pipe reaches your neighbour’s.

Additionally, premises on industrial estates usually encounter significantly more drainage issues, with industrial equipment moved regularly in the area. Therefore, it can be worth investing in CCTV drainage surveys to fully understand the impact on your plumbing system.

How Pentium Can Help

Pentium deals with a vast range of commercial drainage issues and is on hand to deal with all matters relating to your business premises.

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