Supermarkets and other grocery stores have massive footfall and constant movement of goods. The end result is a less than appealing store. There has never been a time when it has been more important to use a supermarket cleaning service – a sparkling clean store is a customer confidence-booster that your store is hygienic and safe.

2020 has brought many challenges for business owners and for supermarkets now is not the time to get complacent. While price rises, self-isolating staff, and stock issues may be at the forefront of your mind, the public is concerned with hygiene and cleanliness.

What is included in a supermarket cleaning service?

Refrigeration unit cleaning is an important aspect of a professional supermarket clean but shelving units floors, windows and till should all be given a thorough clean. Doorways are the first and last thing a customer sees in your store, so signage and doors should be pristine to set the right impression.

Why do I need a supermarket cleaning service?

Supermarkets have a constant churn of customers, staff and deliveries and limited hours in which they are closed. The combination of the two can make it difficult to find time to clean to an appropriate level, especially when staff have limited windows to do so.

Sell Peace of Mind

The general public strongly associates cleanliness with hygiene. Should a customer walk into your supermarket to find sticky footprints on the floor, dirty refrigeration units or even dust on shelves, they will rightly or wrongly feel that the store is neglecting its duty to keep the public safe. This will result in lost trade.

When a customer walks in to find your store clean, they will feel at ease and likely choose to shop with you more often. It speaks of conscientious management and a premium brand.

Reputational Effect

Your supermarket is being judged from the moment someone walks in, to the moment they walk out. Many a person has walked into a store, took one look, and walked out simply due to what they have seen – a pristine supermarket goes a long way to bolster opinion. 

Keeping your store clean and tidy can be a constant battle if you try to handle it in-house and yet the detrimental effect of your business’ reputation means it should be a priority.

Should a customer feel your store is unclean enough, they could even report it to the Food Standards Agency, which would domino down to do more reputational damage.

Staff and Customer Welfare

Of course, a professional supermarket clean also comes with another benefit, and one that is a high priority during COVID – it kills more germs. Fewer germs mean less potential for an outbreak that is linked to your store and less staff downtime. 

How often should supermarket cleaning services be used?

There is no generic answer to how often you should employ supermarket cleaning services because every store is different. It will depend on several factors such as the amount of footfall, opening hours, locale, and personal preference. If you would like to discuss your store’s needs, get in touch and we will be happy to advise you on this and any other queries you may have.

Why hire a professional?

A professional supermarket cleaning service is a far superior option to getting your staff to clean the store. While day to day maintenance is required by staff to get the most out of your clean, your staff simply don’t have the time, skills, or equipment to carry out the same tasks. A professional clean uses high-grade equipment and expertly trained staff. The effect of a professional supermarket clean will leave your store in a wholly different state that will be noticeable to you and your customers. And it will take less time to do so.

Why Pentium?

At Pentium, we offer a wide variety of services, and we prioritise excellence in all that we do. Our staff are highly experienced, knowledgeable in retail, education, healthcare, and commercial operations and expertly trained. Despite this, we can offer our services at a highly competitive rate as we do not subcontract your job. 

If you would like to discuss your supermarket cleaning needs leave us a message on the website, or to speak to one of the team phone us on 01293 804 708.

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