Whether you are conscious of your carbon footprint or looking to save a little money, creating a more energy-efficient home will be sure to help.

There are a surprising number of small changes which can make a massive difference to the efficiency of your property.

This article splits changes into two categories: tiny adjustments that you can implement immediately to transform your home and substantive alterations which will add value to your property and produce savings in the long term.

Small Tweaks

The first and perhaps most simple hack is to fill your appliances to their capacity. Be it your dishwasher, washing machine or tumble drier, running full loads means that you will get the most from each cycle, costing less money and reducing your impact on the environment. As an added bonus, it will be less time spent on housework!

Other quick fixes include washing your clothes at a lower temperature, constantly turning off lights when you’re not in the room, and turning items off at the plug rather than leaving them on standby.

To help reduce the amount of water your family uses, you could invest in a water-saving showerhead or an eco-kettle, which will never boil more water than you need.

Big Transformations

Solar panels are undoubtedly the first thing that springs to mind when most consider an energy-efficient home. Most panels do not require planning permission and can be fitted to your roof, creating renewable energy for your home and reducing your reliance on electricity companies. Although, it should be noted that it takes the average London home between 15-22 years to recoup the initial outlay for the solar panels.

Other ‘big changes’ include investing in new, thicker windows, insulating your loft, and upgrading your current boiler system. Whilst these are all significant outlays, they will be sure to have a dramatic impact on the energy efficiency of your property.

How Pentium Can Help

For those looking for solar panel maintenance for their energy-efficient home, look no further than Pentium. We conduct a range of services, including cleaning, maintenance, and energy production analysis. Contact our friendly team today to find out more.