What is a Cold Room?

Cold rooms, often referred to as walk-in fridges, are the largest piece of refrigeration equipment used in commercial kitchens. Supermarkets, restaurants, and schools also often use cold rooms to ensure their stock is stored according to health and safety guidelines.

They vary dramatically in size and are usually made bespoke to the needs of your business.

Why Do You Need a Cold Room?

Cold rooms are the most efficient and safest way to store fresh food. As you will know, stringent rules surround the storage of foods in the UK. Cold rooms provide the most space-efficient way to keep your fresh produce, allowing your business to function flawlessly.

Design Fundamentals

A great cold room is one that works for the specific needs of your business.

So, take time to consider the specifics you will be storing inside. Warehouses and supermarkets will generally benefit from an open plan design, allowing you to keep large boxes and containers to be transferred into shop floor fridges and freezers when required. In comparison, restaurants and cafes that generally store a smaller quantity of food will benefit from shelving to allow the easiest access.

Things to Consider

Aside from the cold room design, you will need to consider many other logistics to ensure your space functions perfectly. Ventilation is vital, as, without ample airflow, the mechanisms in the cold room can overheat and prevent it from working efficiently. Additionally, it is imperative you have some form of monitoring system, which will allow you to rectify any defects before they become a severe problem.

Consider features such as self-closing doors for optimum energy efficiency and a ramp for ease when transporting heavy and bulky items into and out of the space.

Work With the Professionals

Installing a cold room is a significant step for most businesses, which is why we always recommend you partner with a team of professionals. So whether you are looking for a new cold room installation or a regular cleaning service, contact the team at Pentium today on 01293 804 708.