Designing and maintaining a car park presents significant logistical challenges.

Here’s a quick overview of our top tips for creating the best car park possible, regardless of your scale and budget.


Set Your Boundaries

If you are building a multistory structure, the perimeter of your car park will be obvious.

However, for single-story spots, a fence or brick wall will be necessary to signify the boundary of your space. This will also help increase the security of the cars parked within, encouraging custom.

No One Size Fits All

Many car park designers fall into the trap of building a space for cars alone. Instead, consider your local area and the variety of vehicles it will welcome. For example, if you are regularly housing vans, lorries, trucks or even caravans, be sure you have suitable, secure spaces for them to park.

Pedestrian Navigation

Regardless of how great your design is for vehicles, if people cannot comfortably walk around the car park once they have exited their vehicle, they will likely avoid it.


Ensuring your car park has adequate lighting will encourage visitors to use your space, keeping them safe and comfortable whilst using the car park later at night.


First and most obviously, the actual surface of the car park will require regular maintenance. This includes fixing any damage to the tarmac, repainting the white and yellow lines, and upkeeping the bollards and other structures.

There will undoubtedly be various pieces of electrical kit used in your car park that require regular maintenance. This includes CCTV cameras, electric entry barriers and payment meters. Each of these items is essential to ensure you continue to collect revenue.

Building on this, electric vehicles are becoming the norm, and your car park should be prepared. Ample charging stations are necessary to entice modern customers.

How Pentium Can Help

Pentium are experts in car park maintenance and can offer packages bespoke to your needs.

For more information, contact our friendly team today on 01293 804 708 to discuss your options.