How to Properly Maintain a Cold Room

A cold room is an essential purchase for many businesses, yet maintaining them is often overlooked.

Here is exactly how to clean and care for your cold room, increasing its lifespan and helping keep your product safe.

What Is a Cold Room?

A cold room is essentially a large walk-in container that regulates temperature – ideal for storing perishable goods such as meat and vegetables.

They are designed using precise joints and innovative insulation to ensure that no energy can escape. In addition, they are generally built bespoke for customers’ needs – meaning they fill the space perfectly.

The sheer scale of a cold room makes it the best option for most businesses. It would be impossible for supermarkets, restaurants, or warehouses to run smoothly without one.

How to Maintain

Of course, there are many levels to cleaning and maintaining your cold room.

Daily, all spillages should be dealt with immediately. Be sure not to use any chemical cleaning products, as this can be extremely dangerous for the food stored inside. Instead, warm soapy water should be sufficient.

Another crucial yet straightforward daily task is to check the temperature. An erratic temperature is generally the first sign of a problem, so this is imperative to keep the food safe.

We recommend checking the contents of your cold room weekly to ensure everything is in optimum condition and stored neatly. Also, cleaning the walls and floor of the cold room each week will help prevent any general wear and tear.

Your monthly checklist contains many crucial elements, focusing on preventative measures rather than restorative ones. For example, you must check the temperature gauge, the defrosting function, and the evaporator. Additionally, it is beneficial to carry out a complete system functional test each month to check the cold room is operating flawlessly.

We recommend regular, professional cleaning multiple times per year to keep on top of your cold room maintenance.

How Pentium Can Help

Here at Pentium, the maintenance of cold rooms is our speciality. We offer a variety of services, including case cleaning and fabric repairs. Contact our friendly team today on 01293 804 708 to discuss any cold room needs.