2021 is beginning to look a lot like 2020, and that means ample time shut away at home or at work. If you are looking to transform your school or nursery garden or create one from scratch it can brighten the surroundings for children and staff alike, making these challenging times more pleasant and injecting some nature and greenery into daily lives.

If your school or nursery is currently lacking any green space, you may feel that to create a garden would be an insurmountable challenge. In reality, professional equipment can make short work of any landscaping or groundwork tasks that are required. 

Here’s a guide on how to transform your garden when you are looking for a complete change of scenery.

  • Know the goal

Any professional contracting firm will be able to guide you on the limitations of your patch of land but have a clear idea in your head of what you wish to achieve. Are you looking to incorporate large lawns? How about some flower beds? Spend some time browsing garden and landscaping magazines so you can visualise it.

  • Consult the experts

Once you have ascertained how you wish to create or transform your school garden, it’s time to consult the experts. It may be that aspects you believed couldn’t be created can with the help of experienced professionals and varied equipment. There are other factors to take into consideration, however, such as drainage, pipework, and foundations. 

  • Plan the project

Once you know the broad strokes of what the project entails and have hired the right help, it’s time to create a timeline that works for you and the team. Landscaping can be disruptive, and some elements may require multiple days of work, but your contractor should be happy to discuss any limitations you have and agree on a workable schedule.

  • Give it more than a once-over

When your landscaping and groundwork have been completed, make sure you inspect all elements thoroughly. We would hope that any professional contractor team would produce work of an exceptional standard, but it is also important that you are satisfied with the outcome. Should you see something that doesn’t resonate with your planned outdoor experience, it is easier amended at the time, rather than several weeks later. Should you delay any amendments, your contractors will have moved onto new projects and may not be as easily available.

  • Maintain your space

Many people underestimate the degree of maintenance required for their landscaping project. You may wish to consider a groundskeeper or invest in some good quality gardening tools to maintain them yourself. If you have a large outdoor area, you should consider a team to conduct regular premises maintenance, which can cover everything from minor repairs to grounds maintenance.

Why Pentium?

At Pentium, we offer a wide variety of services, and we prioritise excellence in all that we do. Our multi-skilled team are highly experienced, expertly trained and have in-depth knowledge in multiple sectors. Despite our high standards, we can offer our services at a highly competitive rate because we have everything we need under one roof. 

Whether you are looking to transform a garden for your home or create an outdoor space that welcomes clients and brings joy to your staff, our team have the skills to make your landscaping plans come to fruition. For more information, leave us a message on the website, or phone us on 01293 804 708.

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