As the UK begins to return to the “new normal” many businesses are reopening for business. Your business may have already opened, and it may already have regular building cleaning and maintenance services in place, but if it doesn’t, they can be utilised to restore customer confidence in your brand and your premises.

If you are a business owner with one or more premises, you should be using a professional cleaning and maintenance service for employee welfare and cost-saving reasons amongst others. But maybe you haven’t “gotten around to it” or maybe your business is too new. It has always been important, but now it is crucial to help your customers feel relaxed as they begin to shop again.

Declaration of due diligence

Customers and other visitors to your business are scrutinising their environment and their peers like never before. Any areas that look like they are not highly maintained will set off warning bells that maybe, hygiene is not as high as they would like. By hiring professional cleaning and maintenance services everything will be clean and as it should be, setting minds at ease and showing that your due diligence goes beyond their expectations. 

Elevate your business

Nothing spoils the image of a business like badly maintained areas. Whether this is a staff room that is occasionally on display, a storage area or even rarely used aisles, consumer confidence will be greatest if your premises look maintained in every nook and cranny. Think of it as someone important coming into your home – everything must look spick and span to give the right impression so you shouldn’t have masking tape holding things together, a dripping roof or anything else that may detract from the aesthetic of your brand. Building cleaning and maintenance services take this hassle out of your hands, allowing you to get on with the more important aspects of your job.

Refrigeration case cleaning

Any store or business premises with refrigeration cases will attest to how unprofessional and uninviting a less than sparkling refrigeration case can look. It also leads to sub-par hygiene; a message you do not want to be sending in a post-COVID world. Whether you add refrigeration case cleaning into your general building cleaning and maintenance services or outsource this separately, a professional clean keeps machines running at full capacity, cuts costs and looks great to the customer eye.

Why Pentium?

At Pentium, we offer a wide variety of services, and we prioritise excellence in all that we do. Our staff are experienced, knowledgeable in retail, education, healthcare, and commercial operations and expertly trained. With all of this, we can offer our services at a highly competitive rate as we do not contract out offering direct delivery services only. 

If you would like to discuss your refrigeration needs please leave us a message on the website, or speak to one of the team on 01293 804 708.

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