Facilities management services come in all shapes and sizes, but nursery maintenance services require an exceptional level of care and attention, especially during these challenging times. If you are struggling to maintain your nursery internally, here are just some of the reasons why a professional nursery maintenance service is what you need.

Nurseries are safe havens for the next generation, and they need to be nurtured. You hire the best staff; you make the space aesthetically pleasing… don’t let the maintenance of your nursery be its downfall.

Let your staff do what they do best

Your staff are skilled and hard-working, but that doesn’t mean they can provide adequate nursery maintenance services. Let your staff do what they do best and let us do the rest. Our team has had extensive training and are experts at what they do. We’ll provide nursery maintenance at a professional level, leaving your staff to do what they excel at.

Remove the admin tasks

Without a dedicated nursery maintenance team at your disposal, maintenance tasks take time to outsource. With a professional service at your beck and call, any maintenance issue can be dealt with swiftly and cost-efficiently. If you don’t have a service plan in place every maintenance job that has to be outsourced can create a mountain of admin as you search for options that are a high standard, haggle over prices etc.

At Pentium, we have an added advantage – we will never need to subcontract. We have trained our staff in multiple disciplines and all our equipment is in-house. The result is a more efficient and more budget-friendly service that provides value few firms can match.

Find the problems before they arise

One of the most advantageous ways to use your nursery maintenance service is as an early warning system. Untrained staff may miss potential issues and the first signs of damage, but an expert can spot them a mile off. Find and fix your problems while they are small and avoid a costly and unexpected bill down the line.

Prioritising health and safety

2020 has made the whole of the UK much more aware of health and safety than ever before. The safety of your children and staff from germs and any other potential issues is your number one priority, and ours too. 

Hiring a professional team not only gives you peace of mind – it is marketable to potential parents too. With the general public on high alert, sharing that you have a professional nursery maintenance team will help parents feel at ease about where they have chosen to send their little ones. 

Why Pentium?

At Pentium, we offer a wide variety of services, and we prioritise excellence in all that we do. Our staff are highly experienced, expertly trained and have plenty of specialist knowledge about the education sector. Despite our high standard, we can offer our services at a highly competitive rate as we do not subcontract. 

If you would like to discuss your nursery maintenance needs leave us a message on the website, or to speak to one of the team, phone us on 01293 804 708.

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