The impact of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown restrictions were catastrophic for businesses across the world.

The rules have now eased in the UK, but individuals remain nervous about the world returning the normal. As a result, cleaning and building maintenance are heightened in pretty much every sector.

The importance of a thorough regime has never been more pertinent, and here is precisely why.

Fix The Gaps Left by Lockdown

In 2020, our lives ground to a halt. The word ‘essential’ took a whole new meaning, with all regular chores and activities stopping completely. This means most routine maintenance fell onto the back burner, with businesses only recently permitted to begin filling in those gaps.

Your company may have missed out on cold room cleaning, car park maintenance or drainage services. Whilst each may seem relatively insignificant, the impact can be devastating in the months to come. The lack of care may also have affected your insurance premiums, so be sure to check with your supplier to ensure you are still fully covered.

Be sure you book in your usual maintenance as soon as possible to highlight any issues that were not picked up over the past twelve months.

Keeps Staff Safe and Restores Customer Trust

Of course, every business continually works to keep its staff safe, but this involves so much more in a post-Covid world.

Enhanced cleaning schedules, glass screens and sanitiser stations have become the new normal. Whilst these might present significant logistical and financial outlays, they are imperative to keep your staff safe and relaxed whilst in the workplace.

The truth is, customers don’t want to see a business that is still facing the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic. Unmaintained spaces indicate a lack of due diligence and will encourage your customers to head elsewhere.

Work With Pentium

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