Aside from the family home, school is where our children spend most of their time. These establishments need to be functional, look incredible, and most importantly, be a safe environment for the next generation to thrive.

What Pests Cause Issues in Schools?

The most common pest issues in nurseries and schools relate to food waste. Children and teenagers will inevitably drop food crumbs in the yard, classrooms and corridors, and even the most minuscule amount can attract rodents, ants and even cockroaches.

Additionally, birds can cause significant issues for schools and nurseries, thriving on the secure, sheltered areas and regular food sources. Moreover, foxes can cause problems when rummaging through your waste during the dead of night, with fox faeces known to carry many diseases.

Preventative Measures

As mentioned, the biggest attraction for pests is a regular food source. Simplistic solutions include ensuring there are enough airtight waste bins, especially for food. Of course, your kitchen areas and classrooms should be thoroughly cleaned each evening, but so should the communal corridors and outdoor spaces.

Professional cleaning should be carried out regularly, which will be much more straightforward and cost-effective than letting the problem build up over several months.

Aside from regular deep cleaning, you may wish to invest in preventative measures to protect your school and pupils. For example, bird meshing is an excellent, subtle way to banish pest birds from the playground. Alternatively, you may consider a complete overhaul of your outside area, abolishing the overgrown shrubbery that rodents and foxes alike use to build their homes.

How Pentium Can Help

Pentium are facilities management experts who have specialists in a wide range of discreet pest-proofing services. So, whether you’re looking for a preventative solution for your school or nursery, or need a complete eradication method, our team will be on hand to help.

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