Preventing a fire from occurring, and spreading, should be the number one priority of your school, nursery, or higher educational establishment.

Fire and smoke inhalation can cause a tremendous amount of physical and mental problems for your students, staff, and their families. Additionally, fires often lead to catastrophic damage to property, resulting in many being out of education and work for prolonged periods. Where the building becomes uninhabitable, families may even be forced to relocate to find new schools that meet their needs.

Preventative Measures

Proper safety training is the most effective way to prevent fires in your school or nursery. This shouldn’t stop at staff, and ensuring every child has age-specific lessons teaching them the dangers of fire is crucial. Additionally, fire doors should be placed strategically around the building, meaning that in the unlikely event of a fire, your staff and pupils will be able to exit the premises safely.

Although it is never recommended that an unqualified individual attempts to put out a fire bigger than a waste paper bin, having appropriate fire extinguishers around your building can help prevent danger from spreading.

Initiating Devices

If a fire does break out, you must be able to sound the alarm as quickly as possible. There are two primary initiation devices used in schools and nurseries.

The first should be automatic, meaning a siren is activated upon detecting smoke, heat or carbon monoxide. The second is the manual version you will undoubtedly recognise. Generally, these are small red boxes with a ‘break glass’ sign across.


The most apparent notification will be a loud siren, alerting everyone to the danger of a fire. However, you should have emergency lighting in place alongside this, enabling everyone inside the building to vacate in the fastest and safest manner.

Practise, Practise, and Practise Some More

Fire drills can be challenging and monotonous for both pupils and teaching staff. However, they are of paramount importance. The best fire alarm system only does half the job – understanding exactly how to react is also crucial. Regular drills where everyone reacts sensibly and calmly will ensure your pupils can exit the building in the safest way possible.

How Pentium Can Help

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