If your business owns a building, building maintenance is an essential investment and not something to deal with in-house. Here are just a few of the reasons why you need building maintenance by a professional.

Whether you have a new build or an older building, regular building maintenance is both a requirement and a necessity. By postponing your maintenance, you are allowing quick-fix problems to turn into larger undertakings, costing you more in the long run.

What is covered by buildings maintenance?

Building maintenance covers a wide net of activities that feed into a property’s upkeep. The overall aim is to manage and maintain both your building and its surrounding grounds. Every property has different needs and our maintenance varies to meet them, but you can routinely expect buildings maintenance teams such as ours to examine electrical and plumbing systems, along with structural elements and groundskeeping needs.

Why Pentium?

Most buildings maintenance providers need to subcontract to deal with issues that arise, but we do not. By keeping everything within the team, we can reduce our prices while keeping our quality sky-high. There are no delays for machines or workers outside of the team and you coordinate with us alone. 

  • Employee Welfare

It is a legal requirement of all business owners to have their buildings and equipment maintained to prevent harm to employees. While employees have their own responsibilities, you have a “duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of (your) employees and other people who might be affected by (your) business”. You are expected to do “whatever is reasonably practicable to achieve this” and that includes having a routine maintenance service by a preferably unbiased and trained third party to prevent avoidable issues.

Our team are all highly qualified and experienced maintenance experts who will be able to spot potential issues that a less-trained eye would overlook. While you may ignore something that is “just a drip” or “not a top priority right now”, we will be able to risk assess the situation more accurately and act as needed.

  • Insurance Claims

Every premises owner is paying annual insurance to cover costs in case of an emergency, but if you have a poor maintenance record, your claim could be denied. Insurance small print states that you must keep your building maintained to an acceptable level or they will not cover any damage that could have been avoided. Saving a small cost on maintenance may cost you more than you expected if your insurance company finds any issues to be “damage resulting from natural wear and tear and poor maintenance”.

  • Cost-Effective

You will have heard it many times before, but regular maintenance will save you money in the long run, even before you look at the insurance issue above. By acting quickly to fix issues, they will not escalate into much greater expenses and potential downtime for your business. A leaky roof can be fixed while business continues, but you may have to stop production for a week if you need a full roof replacement or worse.

Next Steps

If you want our expertly trained staff to maintain your business premises, we are happy to offer you a competitive quote. Buildings maintenance is just one of the services we can offer.

To speak to one of the team please leave us a message on the website, or call us today on 01293 804 708.

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