Drivers demand more from an excellent car park than ever before, and electric charging stations are now essential for every modern car park.

The UK is Going Electric

The government has pledged to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, meaning electric cars will dominate the roads from there on out.

Furthermore, the plug-in car grant was introduced as far back as 2011. This scheme incentivises those searching for a new vehicle to go green, with a 35% discount offered for low emission cars, up to the value of £3,000. This is a whopping saving for those looking for a new set of environmentally friendly wheels in the UK.

Challenges Faced By Electric Vehicle Owners

Around a third of all UK households do not have off-street parking outside their homes. Meaning, they are forced to turn to public parking spots to charge their vehicles.

The capabilities of electric cars have grown astronomically over the past three years, yet the reach of many vehicles is still not significant enough for the needs of most owners. Meaning, during cross country journeys, individuals seek a secure spot to charge their prized possessions.

Electric charging stations are a cost-effective solution guaranteed to skyrocket the number of customers heading to your car park.

Other Elements of a Great Car Park

Aside from electric charging points, many other elements are essential to building an excellent car park. The space must be secure, with CCTV and sufficient lighting to protect your customers and their vehicles.

Of course, the tarmac needs to be in excellent condition, with the paintwork kept flawless and all relevant signage in place.

How Pentium Can Help

Pentium are facilities management experts who pride ourselves on providing the highest quality services at the best possible price.

Our friendly team can handle any queries relating to your car park, ranging from instaling and maintaining electrical charging stations, to repairing tarmac and complete resurfacing. Contact our friendly team today on 01293 804 708 for any car park queries.