It Gives the Best First Impression

Your outside space is often responsible for providing the best first impression for your school. Before parents and guardians have even stepped foot inside the building, your landscaping should set the tone for the high standards promoted throughout the establishment.

Improves Physical Abilities

We live in a more crowded world than ever before, meaning that many children and staff do not have access to outdoor space to run and exercise.

A well thought out and inviting outdoor area will encourage children to exercise and play during break times, improving their physical wellbeing.

Produces New Learning Opportunities

Your outside space provides an unlimited number of learning opportunities for your students. Gardens present the opportunity to study plants and insects, large open spaces help build physical fitness and teamwork, and woodlands aid the next generation to develop orienteering skills.

Your school grounds should be woven into the curriculum, stimulating your students’ minds and presenting new opportunities for enthusiastic teachers.

Boosts Mental Health

Finally, a tremendous amount of research shows how access to lovely outside space improves the mental health of individuals. For example, the national school grounds survey shows that in 64% of cases, improving school grounds boosted self-esteem, and in a whopping 84% of cases, social interaction was improved following an outdoor renovation.

Excellent mental health will not only make children happier but will enable them to focus much more clearly when inside the classroom.

How Pentium Can Help

Pentium are facilities management experts who specialise in delivering bespoke outdoor solutions for schools and nurseries. We have a friendly team who can deal with everything from the initial consultation to adding the final touches. So for a no-obligation chat about your nursery or school landscaping queries, get in touch with us today.