Our knowledge and experience ensures we cooperate and understand

We know what is involved in a full cabinet maintenance programme and how this may disrupt your operations. We know that only limited labour hours are applied to support this function in the removal and replenishment of stock. We understand how restricted these working conditions can be whilst these works are carried out. We appreciate the limited working window available to complete these works and we ensure it is done correctly, on time and that EVERYTHING is functioning correctly and ready to trade from on completion.

We have helped many major supermarkets develop their refrigeration case maintenance programme with our well communicated and full administrated process. We have advised FM providers on what their standard PPM scope should be and we have educated store staff in the importance of this function ensuring minimal breakdowns are experienced when carried out to its maximum standard.

We are your partner and will work with you at every step in achieving excellence in your planned maintenance obligations.

Whether you are B2B or B2C, a well-maintained refrigeration cabinet will look the part and save you money, by keeping your refrigerated cases running at optimum efficiency. You may be tempted to keep this in-house, but a professional refrigeration case cleaning cannot be replicated.

Commercial fridges and freezers endure heavy usage, and rightly so, but that usage can lead to wear and tear that can lead to premature replacements being needed. Not only may the cabinet breakdown due to fan faults or running at high temperatures due to ice build-up they may also produce H&S hazards within your store from leaking cabinets that are heavily blocked or unable to drain correctly.. By keeping on top of your refrigeration maintenance, you are ensuring your equipment will run at maximum capacity at all times ensuring no unnecessary trading disruption to your business or your customers.

What is Refrigeration Case Cleaning?

A professional clean or case maintenance activity typically involves a thorough clean throughout the cabinet inclusive of removing drainage microbes within trays, pumps and waste lines, treatment to your coils and drainage through a three part process and monitoring or replacement of refrigeration components such as fans, probes and segregation separators. Removal of ice build-up on all pipework, coils, back panels, air grills and evaporators. Everything will be cleaned and maintained to an exceptional level, using jet washers and FSA approved chemicals where necessary. On completion drain pads or tablets will be applied ensuring your drainage flow will be able to break down any future microbe build-up, keeping things going at maximum efficiency, saving you money and energy.

Why do I need Refrigeration Case Cleaning?

If your customers come to your premises, one of your major concerns is ensuring you have high stock in working refrigerated cabinets. By having your refrigeration cases maintained regularly, your product will be available and safely stored ready for sale imminently. Break downs and call outs to your refrigeration equipment are costly to your business and prevent you from trading your goods. Effective regular maintenance will prevent breakdowns during peak periods and will support the cabinet efficiency during hot summers when outdoor condensers are working vigorously to bring cabinet temperatures down.

Not an Inconvenience

As a business owner, we’re sure you’re doing the maths – a complete refrigeration case cleaning requires your units to be turned off. While that is true, we work hard to coordinate the best possible time to create minimum interruption to your business. Most retail clients prefer this service completed during closed hours ensuring no disruption to their daily trading. Although in some circumstances especially within convenience stores the maintenance programme is completed within a trading environment with added risk management in place, all of which we hold vast experience in.

We’ll take life cycles of your products into account, compartmentalise your cleaning and ensure you are up and running with increased efficiency as soon as possible. Your interruption will be minimal, and we promise it will be worth your while.

Why Pentium?

At Pentium, we offer a wide variety of services, and we prioritise excellence in all that we do. Our staff are experienced, knowledgeable in retail operations and expertly trained. With all of this we can offer our services at a highly competitive rate as we do not contract out offering direct delivery services only. Our refrigeration services are comprehensive and will leave your cabinets operating as they should.

If you would like to discuss your refrigeration needs please leave us a message on the website, or speak to one of the team on 01293 804 708.

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