Harsh weather conditions can accelerate existing structural issues or cause new ones to crop up at a time when people are often absent from the premises. Use our Winter facilities management checklist to sure up your building before the Christmas break.

December, January, and February can be unpredictable with snow, hail, torrential rain, and flooding being significant risks to your premises if it isn’t well maintained. Whether your premises is a warehouse, office, or classroom, these facilities management tips will help minimise the costs and disruption to your business or school.

  • Heating system

Make sure your boiler is serviced and running efficiently before sub-optimal temperatures damage stock, furnishings, or something more structural. Ensure the heating will come on regularly during the Christmas break to prevent coming into an avoidable issue.

  • Water pipes

Check the mains themselves for any signs of damage, but also check any exposed pipes and taps for anything untoward. Taps should turn off tightly to avoid your pipes freezing.

  • Roofs

Even if you have no reason to suspect an issue, all Winter facilities management checklists should include the roofs. Check for missing tiles, any cracks or pooling water on flat roofs, and any sign of damage on the ceilings of your premises.

  • Gutters and Drains

While you are checking the condition of your roofs, check your gutters and drains are clear. Remove any obstruction as ice and snow can accelerate any blockages and damage your drainage system.

  • Security 

Whether you are away from work for a few days or a few weeks, you will want to test your security lights and alarm are working as expected. Adjust timers on your security lights, if applicable and get your alarms serviced. While this isn’t Winter weather-related, the dark nights and empty rooms can be an open invitation so make it part of your facilities management checklist every year.

  • Windows

If you have a draft or ill-closing window, you could suffer from poor insulation, driving up costs, or unsightly damp. Check all windows seal appropriately and if in doubt, get a facilities management team to add additional sealant.

  • Pathways

With sub-zero temperatures comes slippery surfaces. Make a point of laying down grit before the ice sets in each afternoon to avoid costly accidents and damage.

  • Power Supply

If you have a commercial endeavour that relies on electricity, don’t leave its productivity in someone else’s hands. Look into generators and alternate power supplies to fill any gaps in your power supply caused by wintry storms.

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